Against a backdrop dominated by skyrocketing inflation, central bank tightening, labour market shortages and an energy price crisis, what can Australian investors take from the August corporate reporting period?  

Marcus Ryan (Deputy PM, Yarra Australian Equities Fund), Michael Steele (Deputy PM, Yarra Australian Smaller Companies Strategy), and Joel Fleming (PM, Microcap Equities) discuss this and more in their earnings season wrap-up.

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Large Cap Insights: A sideshow of a second half

This reporting season was somewhat of a sideshow, with escalating interest rates and geopolitical disruptions still dominant. With Australian corporate earnings set to moderate and a likely weakening consumer, Marcus Ryan believes a selective approach remains critical.

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Small Cap Insights: Valuation reset bringing opportunities

Australian small cap results were better than expected, with margins largely maintained despite obvious material cost pressures. But for Michael Steele, forward expectations are still too high, with more downgrades likely to come across a number of key sectors. 

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Micro Cap Insights: Balance sheet and cash flow focus delivers

Early stage companies copped the full brunt of investor sentiment, with rising interest rates and high cost inflation putting a heavy clamp on growth. Joel Fleming details a number of key themes supporting his optimistic view for the sector's longer-term potential.